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About EarthDate

the Bureau of Economic Geology

EarthDate is a short, modular radio program available free for any radio station via Content Depot (link) and on CD, and to listeners worldwide via this site and elsewhere on the web.

EarthDate is a production of the Bureau of Economic Geology.

The Bureau of Economic Geology, serving as the State Geological Survey of Texas, is the oldest research unit at The University of Texas at Austin. The Bureau conducts cutting-edge earth science research across the globe at the intersection of energy, the environment, and the economy.

EarthDate is produced with support from Schlumberger -- helping oil and gas companies increase production and efficiency while lowering environmental impact.

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Locations of stations airing EarthDate:
The following is a map of the stations that receive our program either through the mail or digital downloads.  At any given time, it is possible not every station on this map is currently carrying the program.  If your station is on the map and you are not airing the program at this time, please contact to cease receiving the program and to be removed.​​​​​​​

EarthDate: Where to listen
EarthDate station locations nationwide; yellow indicates recent additions.



Narrator / Executive Producer: Scott W. Tinker

Content Producer / Research: Juli Hennings

Writer / Director: Harry Lynch

Music: Patrick Murray

Recording / Editing: Shayna Brown at Chez Boom

Distribution / Partnership Building: Mark W. Blount

Station Relations: Casey Walker

Graphic Design: Jamie Coggin

Web Design and Production: Scott Rodgers and Adam Kirk